The Kitchen is Key!

When trying to sell your home, and fast, there are many factors to consider; and one of the main questions along that way is: what can I do to help with the process without breaking the bank? A few small home improvements can go a long way. Yet there seems to be an endless supply of information on home improvement tips on the internet, from helpful friends, and hardware store tv ads. In fact, there’s such an overabundance, it’s hard to know where to start. A key move is to focus on one room: the kitchen. Typically the focal point in many homes and can leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. Here are some helpful tips on how you can remodel your kitchen whether you’re making a few small changes, or large ones.

1) Update your hardware. Cabinet hardware such as handles, knobs, and hinges is a great and inexpensive place to start. An average kitchen has approximately 40 knobs and handles, and one can expect to pay $2 to $20 per piece depending on quality and purchase location. So as a start to your kitchen upgrading, expect to pay from $80-$800. If you want to really make your kitchen stand apart, online art sites such as has hundreds of artisans from around the world with custom, one-of-a-kind knobs and handles.

2) Replace your faucet. This is not only a great way to add a modern touch to your kitchen, but chance to go green as well. Stainless steel sinks are at least 50% recycled steel, and you can get an aerator installed that cuts water usage. There are so many variations on faucets, from height, spouts, pullout hoses, drinking taps, touch activation, soap dispensers, and folding necks that the sky is nearly the limit! And with low end models starting at $12.37 online, and going up to over a grand, there’s certain to be one to fit your budget. 

3) Countertops are another great way to spruce up your kitchen. Granite countertops are becoming more and more sought after, but the budget to attain them could set you back more than 5 grand. On the other hand, laminate is a great substitute that beautifully mimics granite while saving you money.

4) Storage and organization space is key and an inexpensive addition. Over-the-door hooks, drawer organizers, pantry baskets, wall hooks for pots and pans and stackable shelves are all simple ways to improve the feel of your kitchen, but if overdone can cause teh room to feel cluttered. Most of these cost less than $100 as well!

5) Lighting, such as an LED under cabinet light is a simple way to add a dramatic effect that won’t quickly be forgotten. Replacing ordinary fluorescents with energy saving CFL bulbs is another great way to add a touch of “Green” to your renovations, save money in the process, and keep your kitchen welcoming and memorable.

Whether your budget allows for one of these upgrades, or all of them, remember that the kitchen is key!

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How Much for Gas?

What would you pay for gas?

Check your latest gas prices at

Do you drive a fuel efficient vehicle? If not, What is the highest price you’d pay?

The economy has adjusted how we live our lives and how we spend our money. Some of us have found ourselves adjusting our vacation, entertainment, clothing and grocery budgets based on needs and wants. Now we may have to start adjusting how much we travel in our vehicle, or what we are willing to give up, so we can get around… How much for gas are we willing to live without.

There have been alternative fuel vehicles being developed that run on hydrogen cells, natural gas, biodiesel and electricity, but which one will be here tomorrow. In the mean time, we keep our vehicles in the best shape possible and start to keep better track of where and when we travel. We are all in this together and we will all get out of this together, but what will our vehicles look like when we get there?

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Easter 2011

Every year Easter gets less and less attention and becomes a last minute rush for what to do unless you are more traditional. Did you know that Easter is celebrated in the Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and in the Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. For us in the Northern Hemisphere it is celebrated in March or April depending on the lunisolar calendar.

This year it is on Sunday, April 24. For those of us in Northeastern Wisconsin – it is happening after an eventful tornado and snow shower, so the Easter Egg hunt might be damp.

The real question is “What are you doing for Easter 2011?” (ed. Seattle, WA)

1. Family traditions. If you’ll be attending a church service, have you considered inviting someone to go with you? Or, if your family tradition is enjoying the great outdoors, will friends be joining you? Easter Sunday would also be a good time to visit someone in a nursing home.

2. Easter memories. Are you thinking about days gone by and your family traditions surrounding Easter? See “What’s Your Favorite Easter Memory?” for reminisces about Easter.

3. Easter eggs. Do all those chemicals used to dye eggs seen unecological to you? Visit “How to Dye Easter Eggs Using Natural Materials” for ideas on alternatives.

4. Non-sugar treats.
Are you tired of filling your kids with sugar on every American holiday? Go to “Ideas for Non-sugar Easter Treats” for ideas on giving stickers and other gifts instead of the sugary treats.

5. Planning and organizing. Do you still need tips for your Easter celebration? Go to “Top 10 Tips for a Great Easter” for suggestions.

6. Decorating. Do you need ideas for Easter decorating? Visit “Top 10 tips for Easter Tables” for decorating tips.

7. Activities. Are you looking for Easter activities to keep your kids entertained? See “Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids This Easter” for ideas.

8. Green Easter. Do you need suggestions on how to “green” your Easter celebration? Visit “Green Tips for Easter Sunday” for more information.

9. Easter photos. Are you looking for ideas on how to get great Easter photos? See “Three Tips for Taking Perfect Easter Photos” for suggestions.

10. Easter celebrations. Are you wondering how Americans celebrate Easter? See “What Does Easter Mean to You?” for information on church attendance, holiday spending, and what different regions serve for Easter dinner.

Happy Easter

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May everyone have a Great Easter http://

May everyone have a Great Easter ^GA

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What a tornado that was or was it?

The evening of Sunday, April 10, was humid and growing dark. There was an eerie calm in the air. The rain started and the local sirens sounded, so I headed to the basement and turned on the news to find out how bad it was. There was a non-stop weather conditions report on Fox 11, where they were tracking the storm moving across the state towards Oshkosh, Appleton and Green Bay. They were talking about the way the storm front curved that it looked like a tornado on radar and the massive territory it covered as it kept moving.

Realizing this was no ordinary storm; I was glad to be in the basement getting updates and hoped nothing bad was going to happen. After the tornado warnings were done, I checked out the window to find the wind was still blowing the rain and lightning were still going on, but I believed the worst of it was over. The news reports on the storm damage were vague, so I thought I would call it a day and find out more tomorrow,

The next day, there were news reporters in Kaukauna, Appleton, Neenah/Menasha, Fremont and other areas around The Fox Valley.

A closer look at Sunday’s storm reports:

There were a reported 157 homes damaged in Kaukauna from what was believed to have been a tornado. The other area reported to be hit heavy is the Town of Menasha with property damages. So far, this afternoon, only two tornadoes have been confirmed outside of Adams and outside of Winchester, but after all of the damage is inventoried, there may be more.

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