What a tornado that was or was it?

The evening of Sunday, April 10, was humid and growing dark. There was an eerie calm in the air. The rain started and the local sirens sounded, so I headed to the basement and turned on the news to find out how bad it was. There was a non-stop weather conditions report on Fox 11, where they were tracking the storm moving across the state towards Oshkosh, Appleton and Green Bay. They were talking about the way the storm front curved that it looked like a tornado on radar and the massive territory it covered as it kept moving.

Realizing this was no ordinary storm; I was glad to be in the basement getting updates and hoped nothing bad was going to happen. After the tornado warnings were done, I checked out the window to find the wind was still blowing the rain and lightning were still going on, but I believed the worst of it was over. The news reports on the storm damage were vague, so I thought I would call it a day and find out more tomorrow,

The next day, there were news reporters in Kaukauna, Appleton, Neenah/Menasha, Fremont and other areas around The Fox Valley.

A closer look at Sunday’s storm reports: fox11online.com

There were a reported 157 homes damaged in Kaukauna from what was believed to have been a tornado. The other area reported to be hit heavy is the Town of Menasha with property damages. So far, this afternoon, only two tornadoes have been confirmed outside of Adams and outside of Winchester, but after all of the damage is inventoried, there may be more.


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