On their way to the Super Bowl, the Packers and the Bears cross paths.

Let me rekindle the last few Packer games that lead to this big event, which will be on Sunday, 01/23, on Fox at 2:00 pm CST, or if you can get a ticket, it will be at Soldier Field in Chicago. The last game of the 2010 regular season has the first place Bears, who had home field advantage and a bye for the play-offs, against the lower placed Packers, who had to win to get into the play-offs. The game was watched by Packer and Bear fans, but from different perspectives – the Bears with nothing to lose and the Packers were fighting to get in. In the end, the Packers won with a score of 10-3 and a wild card seat in the play offs.

The next week was Wild Card Weekend for the lowest ranking teams to play against each other and the winners get to stay in the play-offs. The Packers wild card game brought down the Eagles with 21-16 to stay alive. The next weekend, the Packers plucked out the Falcons at 48-21 to move on. The Bears, who had a bye the first weekend, defrocked the Seahawks to win 35-24. Many feathered mascots were eliminated on the road to the big event this week end.

Now, the biggest rivalry in the NFL, Packers and Bears meet again in the play-offs, which has not happened since 1941 when tickets cost $1.65. Now in 2010, tickets are going for as much as $2,000 a seat. This game will go down in history as a big event and the winner gets to go to Super Bowl XLV in TX!

What are the odds and how do the two teams compare? The Packers have Rodgers at passing, Jackson at rushing and Jennings at receiving. The Bears have Cutler at passing, Forte at rushing and Knox at receiving. And defensively, the Packers have Matthews and friends and the Bears have Urlacher and friends. In case you are unfamiliar with these players, in the end, it is pretty evenly matched, which makes for a good game.

Many statistics can be done and when it comes right down to it, which team wants to go to the Super Bowl more? The first seed Chicago Bears or the sixth seed Green Bay Packers? Many question, but only one answer which we will find out at the end of the game on Sunday – Who is going to the Super Bowl?


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