A New Year’s Resolution?

We are now two weeks into the new year and some of us have made

A New Year’s Resolution?

Did you do the work before committing to it… like researching the resolution and creating a plan to accomplish it? I know it seems like a lot of prep work and many of us, myself included, treat our resolutions like a wish list of things we want to change in our lives. But if we really want to make a change to the things in our lives, doing research and creating a plan are steps to improve the chances of success.

By the way, resolutions are good and do not have to be done at the beginning of the year, so if you have not done one for the new year, now is a great time to think of one. After Googling for the more popular ones for the 2011 New Year, I found the following.

  • Self Improvement – Exercise More, Eat Healthier, Quit Smoking
  • Financial Improvement – Pay off Debts, Save More Money
  • Career Improvement – Keep A Job, Find A Job
  • Balanced Life Style – Career vs. Family vs. Friends vs Self
  • Less Noise – Less Cable/Satellite TV, Less Texting, Less E-mail Checking
  • Learn Something New – Take a class, Learn a language, Join a club, Volunteer
  • Accomplish A Dream – Save towards a dream house or car or vacation

What is your New Year’s Resolution? And did you do research or create a plan to accomplish it? When do you want to claim success on it?


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